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Why Earn a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice?

Posted on February 5, 2019 in Uncategorized

The events of September 11, 2001, which sent ripples across our entire society, forever changed the way the world, views safety. As a result, the criminal justice system has adjusted to the new challenges both from inside and out of the US borders.

Along with law enforcement, the concept and need for homeland security have become more fundamental principles with law enforcement agencies from the federal, state and local levels.

A criminal justice degree can position candidates to perform a variety of services for the public. It’s an extraordinary and exciting field, and on any given day may entail overseeing the protection of life and property. Quite, often, the job can be dangerous and stressful for industry professionals.

This field is quite often seen as a social science whose purpose it is to identify and explain criminal behavior patterns. The end result is to analyze, understand and better control crime and delinquency in society.

The curriculum is designed to study the criminal, crime, and the criminal justice system by taking an interdisciplinary approach, which combines legal studies, philosophy, public administration, urban studies, forensic science and much more.

It’s a commonly held philosophy that if crime can be better understood, the causes of criminal activity,,the legal processes and treatment of offenders can be progressive and far more effective.

Education for the Master of Science in Criminal Justice Degree may contain, but may not be limited to training in the following areas: Correction Systems and Institutions, Crime and Criminology, Ethics and Criminal Justice, Applied Research Methods, Statistics for Criminal Justice, Critical Issues in Criminal Justice, Law and the Legal System, Substance Use and Victimology.

Criminal Justice graduate programs typically cover law, criminology, public policy, criminology and other related issues. Master’s degree programs usually tend to overlap sociology, social work, population studies and political science. The (MS) Masters or PhD can also lead to a career as a probation officer, detective, probations officer or more. Like any profession, employment depends on preparation, skills, experience, work attitude and local market and other factors.

Finding the right venue to earn a Master’s degree in this field can be just as important as the degree itself. Institutions providing course study should be accredited members of ACICS.

The smaller your class size, whether online or in a traditional setting, learning becomes easier and more enjoyable the more you can interact with classmates and the instructor. Hopefully, you will gain the initiative, independence and critical thinking skills necessary to be a success in class and on the job.